commission me!

Like my writing?

Think you could see yourself cruising around, tackling adventures in the form of written word?

WELL, I happen to also take writing commissions!

How does a story commission work, you might ask? Well, it’s really quite simple!

Story commissions average around 1300-1600 words, and are priced at a flat $40 USD. Longer stories can be negotiated for a quote, feel free to ask! Examples of written commissions can be found here:

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission request for any reason, at any point before starting.
  • I do not select commissions on a first-come basis; I select topics that interest me!
  • I prefer to write topics along the lines of my usual fare! Space, light-hearted transformation content, inflatables, plushies, etc! That being said, I’m generally up for all kinds of themes; if you’re not sure if I’d be comfortable with an idea, feel free to ask me!
  • Generally I’ll only work with SFW topics, though NSFW topics can be negotiated for a 10$ extra fee.
  • Full payment is taken through PayPal invoice before starting, no exceptions.
  • Edits to the story within reason (added scenes, extra length, more emphasis on certain parts, etc) are free, but extensive edits requiring partial or total rewrites will incur a 10$ fee.
  • I generally try to keep my turnaround same day or next day completion, but if it seems like it’ll take longer I’ll notify you ASAP.
  • Upon completion the story will be delivered through Dropbox to your contact of choice (email, messenger, etc).